Hattie the Hiccupping Hippo

Hattie the Hiccupping Hippo

By Sara Bell Welles

Hattie hiccupped morning and night, getting rid of them became her plight. When she hiccupped in church, she started with a hic and ended with a BURP! Whenever she hiccupped in school, her teacher scowled and said that was against the rule. Hattie jumped on her bed until she was sore, but she noticed she didn’t have hiccups anymore


The Mysterious Fog

The Mysterious Fog

By Sara Bell Welles

I was walking down the street, when I bumped into some fog.

Terror gripped me as I heard the sounds of footsteps and heavy breathing.

I hid around the corner, but when I moved, I ran into something.

“You forgot your lunch, Billy.” It had been my dad the whole time.



By Sara Bell Welles

Wanda was playing by a pond when she noticed that she the biggest, fastest, ugliest, and hairiest wart that she had ever seen! Since Wanda knew warts came from frogs, she grabbed one and rubbed it over the wart one hundred times. IT HAD WORKED! THE WART WAS GONE! She sold her receipt for a million dollars, so that she could rid the world of yucky warts forever.

The Day I Met Savanna

The Day I Met Savanna

By: Sara Bell Welles

I was sitting in class when a stranger walked in.

“Class,” called, Mrs. Jenkins. “This is Savanna.”

Savanna lived up to her name with brown cracked skin, sharped needled hair, and tree like limbs. I automatically jumped to the conclusion that Savanna was dull, dry, and boring. Was I right, or will she become stormier and climate changing?

The Day He Came into My Life

The Day He Came into My Life

A stranger walked in and I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt shy.

I sunk so low in my chair that everyone around me began to stare.

A wondered what will happen between me and him, or if any relationship will begin.

All I know is meeting him made my life change, and now that I lost him, my life seems strange.

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